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Transforming the way hospitals communicate with their patients

A patient communication platform that ensures more timely and ultimately more effective care for patients.

Why it matters

In 2019, there were 123.4 million outpatient appointments in UK hospitals, an increase of 65% over a 10 year period.

Over the same time period the increase in appointments “not attended“ has increased by 32% and cancellations by 150%.

This has resulted in unnecessarily long waiting lists, delays in treatment, and suboptimal health outcomes for patients.

Impact KPIs

The data below shows the year-on-year change in some impact KPIs for DrDoctor.


1.2 million patients managed (per month)


28,000 patient assessments captured 
(per month)

Notifying patients when it is time to book their appointment—partial booking—is a good step. But Patient-led Booking takes this to a whole new level. It’s allowed us to reduce waiting lists and empower patients.”

Donna Holder, Programme Manager, 
Digital Patient Journey, Guy’s and St Thomas’

Clinician and patient engagement are vital. It’s very powerful for patients to know the data is used to inform care.”

Dr Robert Letchford, Clinical Lead, Aneurin Bevan University health board

Rinesh Amin

Founder & CXO


Photo of Rinesh Amin, COO and co-founder of DrDoctor, with expertise in enterprise-wide change and product design.

What is often forgotten is that healthcare goes beyond treatments and procedures. Ultimately, it is about how human beings feel, and how much compassion we have for their needs.”