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UN Sustainable Development Goals

Enabling a zero-waste future

A digital waste management platform transforming the interaction between waste producers and recycling companies to unlock a circular economy.

Why it matters

Annually, 80 million tonnes of waste are generated in the German manufacturing and service industries alone.

An estimated 2/3 of this waste does not find its way to recycling, 
and ends up in incineration, is otherwise disposed of, or data about treatment is completely lacking.

This results in an estimated 27 million tons of CO2 emissions p.a., poor resource value retention, and wasted recycling potential

Impact KPIs

The data below shows the impact KPIs for Resourcify (updated September 2023).


million euro of waste handled by Resourcify


tonnes of waste processed via the platform

Thanks to the process optimisations resulting from our work with Resourcify, we can save on expenditure, generate revenue from recyclables and reduce costs for our company overall.”

Andreas Back, Head of Quality Management/Environment & CSR at Hornbach

We can now see exactly what waste is generated and initiate changes— for example preventing waste as early as the production stage.”

Janett Witzer, Project Manager Facility Management at Syntegon

Gary Lewis

CEO & Co-Founder


Photo of Gary Lewis, CEO & Cofounder of Resourcify, Forbes 30 Under 30 recipient in 'Europe—Technology' for sustainability initiatives.

We can make recycling 30% cheaper, five times faster and arguably two times more efficient than it is today. Companies can save millions of euros if they work with us while placing sustainability at the core of their strategy and setting their businesses up for long-term success.”