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Making biodiversity measurable

Biodiversity monitoring and Nature Intelligence Platform enabling companies to make decisions that move towards nature positive action.

Why it matters

75% of the insects on our earth are extinct, and more than one million species face the risk of extinction. Only 23% of species and 16% of habitats are in good health.

After COP26, nature is centre stage. The world recognised the only chance of keeping the global temperature rise within 1.5 degrees is by protecting and restoring nature at an unprecedented scale.

Natural ecosystems are extremely complex and marked by multiple interactions, making biodiversity very difficult to measure. Conventional biodiversity monitoring methods lack standardisation, can be dangerous and limit data comparability.

Impact KPIs

The data below shows some of the the 2022 impact KPIs for NatureMetrics.


endangered and protected species identified in 2022


countries globally have collected eDNA with NatureMetrics

The data from their eDNA technology has changed the way we understand our impact on nature, allowing us to ensure we’re making the right decisions to meet our strict environmental targets.”

Warwick Mostert, Principal Biodiversity at Anglo American

We believe that eDNA has the potential to become a leading standard measure of biodiversity impacts across the world, similar to how carbon is currently measured in tonnes of CO2.”

Jeremy Leggett, Executive Director, Highlands Rewilding

Kat Bruce



Photo of Kat Bruce, COO & Founder of Nature Metrics, specializing in Entomology, Wildlife Biology, and DNA metabarcoding.

People say that half of the global GDP 
is dependent on nature but in reality, it’s 100%. Our entire human civilization is at risk since we’re relying on functioning ecosystems to grow our food. We can’t survive without nature.”